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Garth Callender has travelled a remarkable road. At the heart of his story is years of formal military training and operational experience in warzones. Garth was the first serious Australian casualty of the war in Iraq, after his armoured vehicle was targeted by an insurgent bomb attack.

"What is extraordinary about Garth’s story is his ability to overcome both the physical and psychological trauma and re-deploy to warzones again and again." 


His observations and lessons are drawn from 25-plus years in the military, from combat on the streets of Baghdad, to the harsh deserts of Afghanistan; from technical roles as an intelligence operator chasing insurgent bomb makers, to training leadership teams about to deploy to war zones. Now, as an experienced company director and board chair, he takes people on a journey exploring how these incredible experiences are so important for today’s leaders.   


"Garth motivates and inspires with tales of surviving a bomb attack in Baghdad, through to chasing insurgent bomb-makers in Afghanistan. His stories are truly unique and spellbinding, and often mixed with a touch of irreverent humour."

Garth speaks on the topics of ...

  • Leadership under pressure

  • Understanding and managing ‘real’ risk

  • Organisational resilience 

  • Ethical-decision making 

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