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Leading teams in warzones translates to improving organisational agility and responsiveness during uncertainty.



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At times, the business environment can feel like a battlefield. Aggressive competition, natural disasters, global events, regulatory and government policy changes, social media, and the 24-hour news cycle result in Australian businesses being vulnerable to unexpected events. 

Often incidents arise that are not captured on risk registers, that affect people, operations and value. Management and boards need agile decision-making to best protect their business.

There are lessons to be learnt from how the military prepares and trains their leaders to make decisions. In warzones there is an expectation that things will go wrong. That mindset ensures commanders are always ready to deal with crises.


‘I urge you to read this important, engaging book. There are so few firsthand accounts from our frontline soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.’ —Leigh Sales 


Garth speaks on the topics of ...

  • Leadership under pressure

  • Understanding and managing ‘real’ risk

  • Organisational resilience 

  • Ethical-decision making 




"I had the pleasure of attending the AICD Fellow’s Roundtable Lunch where Garth shared his remarkable story. It was great to hear how Garth is now using that experience to advise boards on the importance of conducting a comprehensive risk assessment, where the worse-case scenario is considered and not ignored."

Media and Business 

Anzac Day Address
Garth Callender: the Australian Army's first serious casualty of the Iraq war
7.30 Report

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